Friday, January 9, 2015

Shark Attack DUN,DUN,DUN

A man surfing in Montana De Oro was yanked under water by a big Great White Shark and bit on the hip on December 28,2014 at about 11:30 am.

He was surfing with a friend and got bit on the right hip. He was treated by a medic who happened to be visiting the beach at that time. The injuries caused by the shark where not considered life threatening.

Some witnesses described the shark as 8 to 10 feet long and identifying it as a juvenile.

After the incident the beach was still remained open, but they will be putting up signs for the past three days.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

We got dismissed at 2:35, got dressed into our Basketball uniforms,got in to into the bus, and focused so we where prepared and ready for our game.It was January 6,2015 and the girls Basketball team had their very first Basketball game against Lewis in Paso Robles.
Nobody thought that just a school Basketball game would have so many injuries. Even though the LOMS Girls Basketball Team won their first Basketball game and fought very hard for it there where a couple of minor injuries. While we where playing a girl for the Paso team just runs of crying, because she had a broken finger and her bone popped out but none knew how or when that even happened, Another one was that one of our teammates where shooting free throws and one of the players on the other team #15 got a bloody nose and claims that she had gotten elbowed so she also had to sit out. The last injury wasn't very minor it was just a small injury but a girl from the Paso team was running and she just falls over because she rolled her ankle.
Who would've known that so many injuries could happen in a girls Basketball game.